Here at LighthouseIT we use a Zendesk powered Helpdesk, allowing ourselves and our clients to communicate in both reliable and responsive manner while maintaining confidentiality between us and our clients, whenever a problem or question arises. All tickets raised are instantly notified to our Team though our secure email system, allowing quick acknowledgement of any problems or support a client needs.

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You can view your Helpdesk tickets on your IPhone, Android or Blackberry Smart Phone, via the Zendesk App. Download the ZenDesk app from your manufacturers App Store.



Enquiring Support Q&A

Q: When can I expect a response to my email?
A: Response times are generally within 24 hours depending on the Service Agreement between you and us.

Q: Do I need to email Helpdesk to receive support?
A: No, you can call us and we will log the ticket for you.

Q: Do you offer as and when support?
A: Yes, this is classed as Pay as you Go where you only pay for the support when you need it.


Using Helpdesk Q&A

Q: How long do my Tickets take to appear?
A: Tickets are instant and will be notified instantly by Email when a ticket is opened.

Q: Can I view my ticket progress in Helpdesk?
A: Yes, any responses between you and ourselves can be seen in a ticket including date, time and who is dealing with the ticket.

Q: Do you need to be a pre-paid member to use Helpdesk?
No, pay as you go members can use Helpdesk, however may have longer waiting times depending on how many Tickets are open.


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