Empowering the next gen – unlocking brilliant talent

In the ever-evolving world of tech, harnessing talent and bridging the future gap is crucial for the success of any company. At Lighthouse IT, founders Alex and Stewart fully live by this guiding principle by providing opportunities for young talent to thrive.

Today, we grab 5 minutes to learn more about their journey and passion for developing the next gen of IT leaders!

Q1 Why do you feel passionate about bringing young people into your business?

Simply put – fresh ideas and innovation. Our young talent brings fresh perspective and innovative ideas to the table, very much needed in the fast-paced and evolving digital landscape.

They challenge traditional ways, and embrace new ideas to stay ahead of the curve, which keeps us (at Lighthouse) at the forefront. Guiding and nurturing young talent enables us to develop a skilled and knowledgeable workforce that can drive our business forward.


Q2 Do you believe this has added to your company growth and success?

Our new starters often possess a hunger for knowledge and are keen to learn. By bringing them into our business, we are creating a culture of continuous learning and development. They are eager to absorb new skills and tech, allowing us to stay agile and well-equipped for the future.

Due to a lack of physical space and training, pre-Covid we were only taking on 1 apprentice a year, this has now very much developed with our new office space and training partner.

We are now seeing 30% business growth year on year, and internally many of our young starters have now developed into senior positions at the core of our business.


Q3 How do you harness and nurture new talent?

We offer robust training, and a mentorship program where our experienced team members guide and support new employees.  We develop a personal development plan, and additionally focus on training programs tailored to their specific roles or career aspirations. (be it in a specific field; cyber, support, cloud etc..)

We invest in them and their future. By creating an environment that values investing in their progress, our employees feel empowered and motivated to contribute to the company’s success.


And lastly,

Q4 What message or advice would you give to other businesses looking to empower the next gen of leaders?

My advice? DO IT!

We have embraced the power of young talent, and it has provided us with multiple opportunities.

By bringing in fresh talent, you are not only empowering the next gen to shape the future of your business but you also help to cultivate a culture of adaptability and innovation – which is KEY to long-term success, particularly in our industry.


Lighthouse IT support young talent – click here to learn more.

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