Cyber Security Health Check

Cyber Security Health Check


If you have concerns over your Cyber Security, a free IT Security health check could
give you peace of mind.

The free security healthcheck offers a great snapshot of how secure your systems are and will give a good indication of any procedures or software that may need updating or changing within your organisation. If any issues are found we will advise you on how to resolve those issues within your environment.

You may find that you require more vigorous checks to be completed on certain aspects of your network or that you have insurer or auditor requirements that require full penetration testing of your systems and websites. Whilst such in depth checks will not be included within the free test we are able provide such testing as and when required.

What is included:

1. A conference call to evaluate your current situation

  • The equipment you have in place
  • The current software you have in place
  • How your staff and suppliers access your systems
  • Scope the requirements for the check

2. Remote software check

  • We check your server for security vulnerabilities
  • We check a sample of up to 3 computers for security vulnerabilities
  • A basic test of your firewall security

3. An advisory report

  • This includes what has been found in the check
  • Any recommendations you may need to consider for your organisation

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