Free IT Audit

Free IT Audit


Are you paying too much for your company IT?

We are able to offer you a free IT Audit. The audit will review all of your IT expenditure, taking into account staff costs, brought in services and software audits even your telecoms. Many companies are surprised by just how much can be saved on your annual IT expenditure.

We are able to get you preferential rates on telecoms software and development costs.

In some cases the team have been able to save companies the cost of the first years IT support by looking at total IT spend and processes and delivering a more cost effective service. It is like having your own virtual IT department managing your IT budget for you.

Did you know that Microsoft Server 2003 is expiring next month and that it will receive no more security updates? A recent survey suggested that up to 61% of businesses are still running at least one 2003 server in their environment. This will present itself as a significant security risk once support expires. Don’t forget we are still offering a free consultancy day towards migrating Server 2003 to a newer operating system for any new customers taking out IT support contracts in June July of this year.

To book a Free IT Audit please complete the form below or call 0207 915 8318

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