Remote File Access Solution

Remote File Access Solution


With the explosion in smart phones and tablets making the workforce even more mobile, the missing element has been access to your files and folders when on the road. Whilst smart phones and tablets give you access to emails you traditionally cannot access your files and folders on the server without dragging the laptop out. An alternative has been to use consumer cloud services such as dropbox, however this involves pulling files off the server in advance and then sending them back again. Additionally a public cloud service seems to hit the headlines every week for being hacked or monitored by one agency or the other.

The solution is a private cloud that allows your mobile phone / tablet / laptop to connect to your own server in the office when you are out and about. Allowing you to read and write files to the server, email attachments from your company share folders all with the same security permissions you have already setup on the server for own staff in the office.

We have developed a solution that is extremely cost effective and robust developed on Microsoft frameworks.

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