VoIP is just another way of making a phone call, you’ve probably used it many times without realising. But put simply VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is about making calls over the Internet rather than through traditional telephone lines. All you need is a broadband connection and a phone adaptor similar to a modem. Simple.

The result is a substantial reduction in cost with no loss of audio quality. You can use normal VoIP phones or use soft phones on your desktop, wherever you have a broadband connection. Alternatively with VNi Mobile, our mobile VoIP solution you can use your mobile phone on your business network, including an extension number. So it has all the benefits and flexibility of a mobile with all the cost advantages and features of a hosted VoIP solution.

You probably already do, without realising it. All call charges are significantly reduced and calls to other VoIP phones are free, with no loss of call quality, giving you great savings. Plus VoIP can be used anywhere there is a broadband connection, so employees can make free calls on a VoIP phone at home, on the train or even the beach, using WiFi. VoIP is the medium of the future and with Voicenet Solutions VoIP business telephone systems the opportunities are endless.

We have a full VoIP training programme  it’s easy really. Voicenet Solutions will help your company to develop employee communication networks. This means any employee, regardless of location, can talk to another employee free of charge- and with VNi Mobile you can make free calls on your mobile phone, over the hosted VoIP network, using your office phone number.

Plus, when employees call a third party outside the network, call rates are dramatically reduced, with business VoIP calls from just 1p to UK landlines the US and Europe.

We have saved many clients thousands and thousands of pounds in hardware and call costs. But VoIP is so much more than just a cost effective business telephone system. VoIP pulls down the barriers of conventional phone systems. And because VoIP network calls are free, employees have greater freedom, there is better communication connectivity for the entire workforce and the whole company can make substantial savings. And with VNi Mobile, workers can stay on the hosted VoIP office network even when they are away from their desks.

Many business phone companies don’t want to push it so much because they can not make such a large profit from VoIP as they can with big old fashioned business phone systems. Hosted VoIP is no longer a concept but a reality for business, and is set to revolutionise the telecommunications market. Adopting it will offer you features you previously would not have been able to implement, such as Mobile VoIP, and make your business telephone system much more efficient and scalable.

Calls to allocated mobile numbers like ordinary LAN lines are greatly reduced. An employee working away from the office can also access their phone settings and business voicemail online via any Internet access point and make calls for free. Plus with VNi Mobile, our Mobile VoIP solution, employees can stay connected to the office network on their mobile phones via a WiFi network. This means you can just dial their extension number, and no matter where they are in the office they’ll be contactable.

Yes, all you need is a computer and a broadband connection. All they need to do is log on to their soft phone options, or plug in one of Voicenet Solutions Cisco VoIP phones and they can make calls as if they’re in the office.

Many VoIP business solutions do not require any capital investment. Unlike with a PBX, the solution is hosted and managed outside the office at the I.P network centres.

A PBX is a physical business phone system that usually sits in a server room. PBXs are expensive (some can cost £10k) and cumbersome and need large investment for hardware upgrades and maintenance.

For complete business VoIP solutions no PBX is required. However, there are services that hook up a VoIP network to an existing PBX offering business phone system scalability with minimal to no hardware costs.

To find out how your business can benefit from VoIP fill out an online enquiry form and one of the Voicenet Solutions team will contact you.

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We can offer integrated Mobile solutions from all the major networks that fit your business and the rest of your IT.

Our team of consultants bring over 35 years of industry experience assisting customers with advice, implementation and after-care for their mobile and fixed line needs.

Our aim is simple – to ensure our customers enjoy straight forward, honest, impartial advice and receive high quality yet cost effective solutions that increase value and improve service.

As a business, we understand the challenges of working with network operators and have the advantage of not only knowing what level of service our customers should expect to receive, but more importantly ensuring they get it.

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