Why Traditional Antivirus is no longer good enough

Get your business beyond antivirus software.

Antivirus software is a fundamental tool to protect from cyberthreats. However, antivirus programs alone are not foolproof and struggle to keep pace with all the emerging malware on the market.

The main risk is time and resources for cybersecurity versus attacker awareness.

It takes time to understand how a particular type of malware works before providers can update their solutions to detect and eliminate. Malware authors are aware of this and release new versions as quickly as possible, knowing that every version has limited time prior to becoming obsolete.

This is a serious shortcoming of antivirus software –  which is why relying solely on antivirus software will not provide you with sufficient protection.

Add more cybersecurity layers to reduce risk.

Traditional Antivirus (AV), Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) are all components of cybersecurity, but they serve different purposes and have distinct functionalities.

Functionality: Traditional antivirus solutions are designed to detect and remove known malware and viruses. They rely on signature-based detection methods, which means they identify malicious files based on predefined patterns or signatures.

Focus: AV primarily focuses on preventing and eliminating known threats, making it effective against well-established and widely recognized malware.

Functionality: EDR solutions go beyond traditional antivirus by providing continuous monitoring and analysis of endpoint activities. They collect data on endpoint events, such as file changes, process executions, and network connections, and use behavioural analysis to detect suspicious or anomalous behaviour.

Focus: EDR is more focused on identifying and responding to advanced threats, including those that may not have known signatures. It provides visibility into endpoint activities and allows for a more proactive approach to threat detection and response.

Functionality: MDR services extend the capabilities of EDR by adding a human element. MDR providers employ security experts who actively monitor and analyse security data in real-time. They may also provide threat hunting services to proactively search for threats that may have evaded automated detection.

Focus: MDR services not only detect and respond to threats but also offer a higher level of expertise and intervention. This can include incident response, forensics, and collaboration with organizations to tailor security measures based on specific threats.

Detection Approach:

  • Traditional AV relies on known signatures.
  • EDR employs behavioural analysis and continuous monitoring.
  • MDR combines technology with human expertise for detection and response.


  • AV is generally focused on known threats.
  • EDR is broader, addressing known and unknown threats through behaviour analysis.
  • MDR adds a human element for more advanced threat detection and response.

Response Capabilities:

  • AV typically automates the response to known threats.
  • EDR allows for more granular and automated responses but may involve manual intervention.
  • MDR leverages human expertise for in-depth response, investigation, and collaboration.

In summary, while traditional antivirus is effective against known threats, EDR and MDR provide more advanced and proactive approaches to dealing with a broader range of cybersecurity challenges, incorporating behavioural analysis and human intervention to enhance detection and response capabilities.

Combine MDR with our SaaS Security for Microsoft 365 and you now have a fully managed 24/7 Security Operations Centre (SOC) and 24/7 Network Operations Centre (NOC) – These are Cyber Security products that your insurance company is now expecting you to have and that were previously only available to large companies who could afford the massive setup costs.

Instead, these are now available to SMEs at a small additional cost per user per month.

The threat landscape has changed. You can no-longer rely on basic dictionary based Anti-Virus to secure you business. The MDR, SOC and NOC provide enterprise level 24/7 security for your business at a price SME’s can now afford!

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