Disaster Recovery – A New Backup Solution

As with many IT Reliant Companies in the World today, a backup solution is always necessary for sensitive and important data that allows the company to function on a day to day basis. These backup solutions can vary in cost and effectiveness, with many being solely reliable on the companies internet speed and capability, and will mainly take place on an external server owned by an separate IT Company, which would be accessed via a Cloud Solution, however there is no physical access for your company either in the business building or in a travelling distance.

This is where LighthouseIT have begun to dither greatly. As before, we followed a similar route, giving clients both a back solution to a physical disk drive within their Server, as well as a Cloud backup that would backup to an external server hosted elsewhere. However this still leaves a scenario out that can happen; you’re building, or the building your main server is hosted in burning down, or the physical machine becoming damaged.

Although some businesses can afford to host and maintain their main servers internally, many will still backup their data to an external server if in case of a fire or their main server failing; this presents an issue in effect that they cannot access this external backup without a viable internet connection to pull the backup out onto a machine to restore lose data.

If you would like to know more, we have a small information pack which we can send through as a Word file, you can contact us for more details including pricing by emailing [email protected] or [email protected]

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