Upgrading to Windows 10?

Microsoft is pushing everyone towards windows 10, you get a free upgrade, if you upgrade before July 2016. At present upgrades will not be forced on companies that have PC’s on a domain e.g. connected to your local server.

Should I upgrade? In short yes. This is the final Operating System from Microsoft and it has been out since July last year. You should check with suppliers of any third party software to ensure that they are compatible with windows 10.

Windows 10 FAQ


Our testing found that upgraded PC’s work best when windows 10 is installed as a fresh copy rather than an upgrade. We also recommend that if you go this route you consider upgrading your computer’s hard drive to an SSD Solid state disk. This is the single most important upgrade you can do to your PC. Drive prices have fallen to £50 mark for 240GB drives. Upgrading the hard drive and installing Windows 10  on your PC will see the PC boot in about 6 seconds instead of the 3+mins you currently have wait for now. Additionally the whole computer will run a lot faster.  This give companies an ideal opportunity to upgrade and future proof their existing equipment rather than purchase new PC’s. Thus extending the life of your capital investment in your current hardware.

Can you just hit the upgrade button on your existing hardware and software?

Yes you can but our initial testing showed the in some cases the upgrade fails, if the upgrade works you may get some issues with old drivers and the PC generally runs slower than doing a fresh install of Windows 10.

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